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R.I.L.A. is a nonprofit association that works towards the implementation of practical and meaningful State and Federal regulatory measures which take into consideration the welfare of the fishermen while building a sustainable fishery.

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Our Members And their Boats

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Ashley Ann sml.jpg (46661 bytes)
Ashley Ann

FV Megan Marie
Seamus sml.jpg (18141 bytes)
Seamus & Liam
EmmaJademed.jpg (12134 bytes)
Emma Jade

Jeanne sml.jpg (41654 bytes)

Cathy Willie sml.jpg (25544 bytes)
Cathy Willie

Amelia Anna sml.jpg (53054 bytes)
Amelia Anna

Sandy & Billy sml.jpg (17468 bytes)

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  Mister G.JPG (13218 bytes)
Mister G



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